PROFILE: W.C. Moody was born July 21, 1906 in Minerva, Texas and still resides there. In 1986 he celebrated his 80th birthday. Mr. Moody prefers to be called “Nig” from his childhood nickname. He had been in the greyhound business 68 years when age and bad knees forced his retirement from active participation. He was a member of the N.G.A for over 50 years. He acquired his first greyhound at age 7. Nig was an athlete in school and excelled in track, football and later in rodeo events.

HISTORY: Texas had greyhound pari-mutuel in 1935-37 and Nig ran greyhounds at the Arlington, Texas track. He is now active in promoting a return of pari-mutuel in Texas for the 1987 state ballot. He was active in politics and was elected District Clerk in 1939-1940 and has always been active in Federal, State and local activities. Mr. Moody served in World War II. He married Isabell Folds (deceased); they raised three sons and a daughter. Son Lee Moody is in the greyhound business. Nig married Doris Del Stevens in 1962.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: To name a few of the outstanding greyhounds raised by Mr. Moody; SWEET BREEZE and her pup RAPID WHEELS. Later came the great females; ROAD LIZZARD and TEXAS RED GAL. ROAD LIZZARD produced FABLE JAGUAR and TEXAS RED GAL produced WALK TALL, WALK FAST and WALK UNEXPECTED who all produced stake and derby greyhounds. A few other greats from the Moody farm were; MOODY’S CHOICE, NIG’S BONNIE and NIG’S ELEVEN. Mr. Moody helped many to get started in greyhound racing.