PROFILE: Charles Mullen was born in the Idana Hotel in Clay County, Kansas on November 3, 1900. His father ran the livery barn while his mother ran the hotel. Charles was the third child in a family of eight. Charles married May Molyneaux, July 19, 1922. At the time he operated a livery barn in Clay Center, Kansas. In 1979 Charles Mullen was added to the PIONEER section and continues to reside on his farm in Clay Center.

HISTORY: In the early 1920’s many of the greyhound men in Clay Center area would hang around the Mullen’s livery and tell stories. This was how Charles became interested in greyhounds and began raising them. Mullen started racing in East St. Louis during the summer and returning to Clay Center in the off season. His family went to the track with him. Soon they found themselves going to California to race in Baden, then later in Biscayne, Florida. Charles quit the racing when his boys began high school. In 1930 Mullen bought a farm just south of Clay Center, this is where he remained. In the later years his two younger sons took over the greyhounds.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Charles Mullen is a member of the National Greyhound Association Half-Century club, having been a member for over 50 years.