PROFILE: “Shorty” Nave was born in July 1898 on the Cherokee Strip at Tonkawa, Oklahoma. In 1980 when he was added to the PIONEER section Nave was retired and residing in St. Petersburg, Florida.

HISTORY: Shorty Nave recalls cursing on Jack rabbits and coyotes with dogs that were half greyhound and half staghound. His first greyhound was a gift from a neighboring farm on the Strip. His first experience with track racing was for his brother-in-law, Highley E. Alderson, at a New Orleans track in the late 1920’s. Nave’s first kennel of his own was in St. Petersburg, he’s raced there ever since – about 50 years. Other racetracks where Shorty operated were; Chicago, Tulsa, Atlanta, Kansas City, Tampa Hollywood, Miami, Daytona and Wonderland, for 42 years.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Among the finest greyhounds that Shorty Nave handled or owned were: LACY’S JOHNNY, ORBIT INN, CHEN YU, K’S WUNDERFUL and GUNNER’S MATE.