PROFILE: Ernest O. Petrich was born in 1915 near Riesel, Texas and served in the Pacific during World War II. He received a teaching degree from Baylor University and was a high school teacher, coach and administrator for 33 years.

HISTORY: in 1928, when Ernest Petrich was only 12 years old, he raised his first greyhound and thus began a career that would last his entire lifetime. He attended his first national meet in Abilene in 1948, and continued to attend annually until the end of coursing meets. He was the second person to enter Gulf Greyhound Park on opening day. At the age of 79, he continues to raise greyhounds that race at Raynham, Tucson and Daytona.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Two of his outstanding greyhounds were DENVER DAN, who won the Waterloo Cup in 1952 and SKIPPY’S PRIDE, a Spring Futurity winner. Petrich is the oldest member of the Texas Greyhound Association.