PROFILE: Carl Prichard was born in Pennsboro, W. Virginia February 12, 1906. He was the fifth of seven children. In 1980 when Prichard was added to the PIONEER section he was living in Commerce City, Colorado and still active as a kennel owner.

HISTORY: Prichard was working as a vet assistant during 1932 in Akron, Ohio when he first came into contact with greyhounds. A trainer stopped by the vet’s to pick up some medication for one of his dogs and while there he offered Carl a pass for the races. By 1934 Prichard was thoroughly into the game, and since that time has raced at many racetracks; Bainbridge, Ohio, Jacksonville, Steubenville, West Memphis, Phoenix, Palm Beach, Tijuana and all Colorado tracks. Prichard even raced a kennel in Cuba in 1952. His kennel is currently (1980) running a year-round Colorado circuit.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Carl Prichard has handled some of the top greyhounds in the country. Many were purchased or leased from Oklahoma breeder Carl Livingston, including Colorado stake winner BLACK TRAY and BOB COUSEY.