Elsie Jones


2006 Greyhound Hall of Fame Inductee


An ancestor to 95 percent of today’s Greyhounds has been selected to join five of her descendants in the prestigious Greyhound Hall of Fame. Elsie Jones will be inducted during a ceremony at 7 p.m. on Oct. 12 at the Hall; the event will be preceded by a 6 p.m. reception. Among the 56 Greyhounds recognized in the Hall since 1963 are Elsie’s son, Onie Jones, two grandsons, K’s Flak and Unruly and two great-grandsons, Oshkosh Racey and P’s Rambling.

“Elsie Jones has shown not only to be a great producer in her day, but her long-term legacy now ranks her among the great American brood females of all time,” said Gary Guccione, secretary-treasurer of the National Greyhound Association. Guccione added that it is an “incredible feat” that Elsie’s bloodline is traced to such a high percentage of today’s Greyhounds considering she was whelped only 40 years ago. J.J. Thompson’s great producer was born in 1966 out of Julius Caesar* and Hurry Bones, and was the third straight female in her line to race Grade A. During her career at the track, she was known for her determination; even after suffering a serious injury she returned to the top grade to race again at Southland.

Elsie and her sister, Linda Jones, founded the great family of Jones Greyhounds that was particularly successful in the 1970s. Bred to Hoefer, Elsie whelped her first litter shortly after her fourth birthday. The litter included Becky, Chunky, Kelly, Polly, Rufes, Ruth and Vic, all with the last name of Jones. A second litter with Hoefer produced Demon, Hardy, Hub, Jiff, Keno, Mudlow, Onie, Shylo and Slick. The two litters were raced by Tex Block and won hundreds of races, including several stakes events. Kelly won the Wonderland Tri-Distance Stakes in 1972, Jiff won the same stake in 1974, Ruth won the Wonderland Derby and track title in 1974, and Onie took the Derby Lane Distance Classic that same year.

Onie Jones is one of five of Elsie’s descendants already inducted into the Hall of Fame. After winning the Classic, an injury cut short Onie’s racing career; but he earned fame as a stud, ranking number one in the nation in 1982. He was honored in the Hall in 1987. Elsie’s grandson, K’s Flak, entered the Hall the same year as his father, Onie. K’s Flak won the National Greyhound Association’s Flashy Sir Award and was captain of the All-America Team in 1979. He broke records at Wonderland, Derby Lane and Biscayne.

Another of Elsie’s grandsons, Unruly, was inducted into the GHF in 1988 after being recognized as the number one sire in America in 1987. During his racing career, he won the Hollywoodian twice, was named captain of the 1981 All-America Team, and received the NGA’s Flashy Sir Award that same year. Unruly’s son , Oshkosh Racey, became a Hall of Fame inductee in 2001. In 1988, he was named captain of the All-America Team, won the Rural Rube Award, and was runner-up for the Flashy Sir Award. Despite an injury, he again was named to the All-America Team the next year. In National Sire Standings, he finished in the top five from 1994 through 1998.

Another of Elsie’s great-grandsons, P’s Rambling (grandson of Onie Jones), earned the Hall honor in 1994. In eight starts leading up to the Hollywoodian, he broke the track record five times; he won the Flashy Sir Award in 1987.

Guccione devoted the final chapter of his book, “Great Names in Greyhound Pedigrees,” to the Jones Family for its rare blend of speed, endurance and determination. Elsie Jones earned her own chapter in Volume II of Guccione’s book of the same title, as did three of her offspring, Onie Jones, Kelly Jones (who produced Hall of Famer Unruly) and Demon Jones.

Elsie’s legacy continues today as thousands of her progeny have emerged as breeding champions and stars of the track with a keen and competitive spirit. Laurel Drew, who nominated the outstanding producer for this distinction, said that 23 of the 24 Greyhounds named to the 2003, 2004 and 2005 All-America Teams came from Elsie’s bloodline, some as many as four times.

Stronger, larger and more determined, Elsie’s descendants have significantly influenced contemporary Greyhounds, measurably elevating the quality of the breed.