P’s Rambling

1994 Greyhound Hall of Fame Inductee



  • Set world’s 3/8ths track record at Hollywood, 36.42
  • Won Hollywoodian, Hollywood
  • Flashy Sir Award Winner

Breaking record after record at Hollywood, P’s Rambling earned the reputation as one of the best Greyhounds in the world from October of 1986 through April of 1987.

Whelped from Profits Andy and P’s Skelly in October of 1984 on the David Petzold farm at Altus, Ok., P’s Rambling was not considered one of the best Greyhounds in his litter. He was brought into the racing program by Jack Sherck’s Racing Life project and was sent to Dubuque to break in. He performed exceedingly well and after only a few starts was sent to Wonderland racetrack for a stake race. Unfortunately he finished below fourth in three races running at Grade D.

After being purchased by James W. Paul, P’s Rambling somehow found the spark he needed to start winning races, crossing the finish line first in 16 of 19 attempts. He ended 1986 by winning eight straight, six at Dubuque and two at Hollywood, running out of the Clarence Connick Kennel.

At Dubuque, P’s Rambling not only held the track record, but nine of the 10 fastest times over the 3/8 course. In eight starts leading up to the $100,000 Hollywoodian, the brindle Greyhound set the track record five times. His last start of 1986, P’s Rambling broke the 3/8 track record running 36.69. Two races later he broke the record again, beating Prince Proper by 9 1/2 lengths.

Four days later he broke the record a third time and three days after that he ran 36.58. He broke the record again before running in the Hollywoodian semifinals, where he set a world record at 36.42. The final race showed P’s Rambling’s determination to win. Bumped early on, he brushed against other Greyhounds in the first turn but caught up to race Prince Proper to the finish line, winning by a neck in one of the greatest races of all time.

His streak of wins stopped at 17, 11 of which were at Hollywood, setting a new all-time consecutive win record there. He was the recipient of the Flashy Sir Award in 1987 and he made an appearance on the nationally televised Today Show.

Injury forced P’s Rambling into retirement. He sired a large number of good Greyhound stakes finalists after being syndicated for a record $500,000.