Walt Collins


1996 Greyhound Hall of Fame Inductee


For more than half a century, Walt Collins has been successfully involved in the Greyhound racing business. Growing up on a Texas cotton farm, he was introduced to Greyhounds early in life. He and his father traveled together to Greyhound coursing meets and racetracks.

Collins’ secret to his success was to follow his father’s advice: “you breed good, you feed good and you take good care of them with exercise.” Collins rarely breeds outside his own kennel.

Some of his more famous Greyhounds include All-American WD’s Chris and WD’s Spotted Hill, winners of Biscayne Derbys; Sun Dive and Adios Jan, Multnomah Derby winners, and WD’s Glowman, Caliente Derby winner and kennel championship winner. Fast Company was syndicated at stud for $100,000. You Sexy Thing was from a litter of nine Grade As and was a major stake winner in South Florida.

In more recent years, his hottest Greyhound was WD’s Santiago, who lowered his own track record three times. After suffering a broken hock, he returned to tie his own track record at 685 yards and to win two rounds of a stake before finally suffering a career- ending injury. He retired as stud.

Although in his eighties, Collins still enjoys breeding, raising and racing Greyhounds at his farm in Arizona. He continues to be active in the day-to-day operation of his farm and works with his Greyhounds on a daily basis.

Collins continues to support the National Greyhound Association meets and Greyhound Hall of Fame programs and other industry- promoting activities. For example, Collins is one of the NGA’s most consistent sponsors of its track stakes, never failing to submit funds to promote these every six months. He was honored in 1992 at the National Greyhound Association Fall Meet Banquet.